4 Freelance Videographer Tips

Unless you work for an institution such as a corporation or university, you most likely have to become a freelance videographer to get jobs consistently. Most videographers are freelancers, which means that there is a lot of potential competition out there to get in your way. You can get a leg up on the competition through the simple tips below, which will help you improve the business side of your career.

1: Present Yourself Well

Image is everything, and this is especially true as a freelance videographer. You should present yourself as professional and confident at all times. Try to organize your business around a consistent look and feel. This look should be present on business cards, sample work, and any other material you use to create a visual brand for your business. You also need to communicate clearly at all times. If you have trouble speaking with clarity and confidence, you may want to seek out a public speaking class. The way you present yourself will determine the way clients see you.

2: Be Flexible

A freelance videographer can’t afford to be too picky about the jobs that come along. While you can set up the structure of your business, such as specializing in wedding photography or short films, you should be willing to go outside that structure from time to time when taking jobs. If you push yourself beyond your normal limits, you will be able to establish a good relationship with clients, who will likely return when they have something that is more in your comfort level. Just be sure to be prepared for whatever sort of job you take.

3: Know your Limits

Just as it is important to step outside your comfort zone every now and again, you also need to know your limits as a freelance videographer. This doesn’t mean turning down work, but you do need to know when you should ask for outside help or spend extra time preparing for something that might be a weakness of yours. Most importantly, don’t accept more work than you can reasonably handle at one time. It is better to have to turn some work down than to anger clients because you aren’t able to meet deadlines.

4: Get Tax Help

Many a freelance videographer has landed in trouble with the IRS due to mistakes on business tax returns. Because your income will be coming from a variety of sources, you can have some significant trouble when it comes to tax time. If you are going to freelance, you should be prepared to either learn a lot about tax code or to hire somebody to handle your business related taxes. If you can afford a good CPA, you will get more than your money’s worth within the first couple of years.

The business end of being a freelance videographer may seem to be less than glamorous, but mastering these tips will give you more freedom to pursue your passion. Taking your business seriously will give you a lot of freedom and allow you to unlock your creative potential as well.


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