As many production companies, professionals and marketers know, video has emerged in recent times as among the most powerful ways to engage with audiences in all kinds of markets. Videos are fun, entertaining and increasingly for many people one of the primary mediums they use to pass the time, even over television. Plus, they’re great for brands.

And with the all-important hosting aspect, nowadays it’s no longer just about YouTube, the giant video-sharing website owned by Google that has over 1.4 billion monthly active users. In fact, there are a lot more equally powerful and awesome sites out there for hosting video, so let’s put on our viewing goggles and take a peek at some of the real alternatives.

First we come to , a British-based website that began life in 2007 and offers video hosting services for businesses, including those involved in ecommerce, publishing, elearning and lots more.

The company provides tools so you can get the kinds of features you want in your videos, as well as the essential security, and all you have to do is upload your videos and they’ll do the rest – as in distributing them so they’re actually seen.

You can try Vzaar free for 30 days (click here for more) during which time you can avail of unlimited features and upload as many as 50 videos (and a credit card is not needed to sign up to this option), while there’s a range of low-priced options for companies who want way more, as well as lots of storage options (1000 GB with the Enterprise plan).

Next we have Clipstream (, which may well interest all kinds of corporate entities and their video and audio streaming requirements, because this is one video website that promises it will all be as secure as possible.

The outfit running Clipstream is American company Destiny Media Technologies, which says it’s a world leader in the distribution of digital music, with many global record companies using its technology to get their new tunes out to radio stations and the media right around the globe.

There’s also Brightcove (, which has a range of products designed to extract the most from the video experience, from an enticing video marketing suite to its Video Cloud.

This American operation promises to help monetise all your video productions and to boost awareness of brands and, crucially, drastically improve conversion rates. That’s music to the ears of online marketers everywhere.

You’ll certainly have heard of Vimeo (, the direct video website rival to YouTube that vows to “Make life worth watching” (its marketing slogan). Consumer-oriented, this is a site with a powerful search function and it offers high-quality HD playback. It has solid privacy settings and won’t annoy users with all manner of disruptive advertising.

Our final video website in this article is the growing success story that is SproutVideo (, a digital company based in New York that wants to make it simple and swift for you to get your videos on the internet and be able to properly analyse them, using an array of high-tech tools, so that you can use your videos to great effect as part of your online marketing efforts.

Now you can see that in the online video world, there’s so much more than YouTube, and way more for you to profit from.