The DJI OSMO offers yet another garment to the DJI user’s walk in wardrobe. With the ability to interchange DJI gimbals to other DJI products keeps your purchases completely future proof. The OSMO is a solid and well balanced tool, with a perfectly ergonomic design and button controls all in the right places. Its low profile design and ability to add mounting accessories gives the user some serious creative flexibility.

The X3 camera that’s included can record from 4k video at 30fps, to 120fps in 1080p (cropped) or a variety or resolutions in between. You have the ability to change from PAL to NTSC, aspect ratios, anti-flicker frequencies (when working with lights) and video recording format (MOV and MP4). You have auto exposure, shutter priority and manual controls to adjust the exposure, but you cannot manually adjust the aperture.

You can take RAW pictures, time lapses and panoramic shots which all have easy to use, well laid out menus.

The video that comes out of the OSMO has lovely colours and a fair amount of detail (in 4k) but due to the high compression, is a little blocky looking at times. However, it holds up very well with its GoPro competitors.

Low Light Test Footage from the DJI Osmo.



In terms of the camera’s low light performance; it’s clean in good light, but as soon as the camera hits 1600 ISO the image becomes quite noisy! The X3 can go all the way to 3200 ISO which is a bit unpleasant. It’s still useable at 3200 ISO, but not for professional work.

The gimbal provides shake free gliding motions tricking us all into thinking you’re on a Hollywood dolly track! A great feature with the OSMO is the ability to control how the gimbal responds via the trigger. Press and hold locks the gimbal facing one direction only, double click centres the gimbal and moves with you, and three clicks turn it into selfie mode! In addition, a menu setting allows you to change the pan/tilt response time of the gimbal itself.

In summary, the OSMO will give everyone, of all abilities, from home movies, weddings and sports to professional productions, access to perfectly smooth shots, hassle free.

The OSMO is a bit more expensive that its competitors, but they don’t come with a camera, the build quality, and seamless integration to other film tools such as drones.

You can view the DJI range via their store here.

Special thanks to Nikolay Timofeev and Rhys Kirk from the Oxford Parkour Community.