Location, Location, Location. It’s so important when shooting. Whether you’re looking to create a film in an old Warehouse or a corporate promo in a slick office environment, you want to ensure you book with a reputable company. This will mean you get what you paid for, plus all the property releases and legalities are taken care of. We spoke to London based agency; Fidens to find out more about Location booking.

1 – Can you tell us a little about the company and what you do?

Based in Farringdon, Fidens locations department provide properties to the film, TV, photographic and event industries. We manage over 800 locations from stylish central London townhouses, to football stadiums and large TV studios. The company was formed in 2010 and has since grown to a team of 7 dedicated agents. We have provided locations for hundreds of major brands over the past 6 years.

2. – What kind of specialty service can you offer to video production companies looking for locations?

Fidens has a diverse portfolio of locations across London and the south east. We understand the requirements of production companies and using our detailed knowledge of individual locations we can help to achieve a successful and hassle free hire.

3 – If a certain location is not listed on your website, do you offer a service whereby you will seek out a suitable place for a location scout?

We have a dedicated team of location experts who help to find suitable locations for production companies. If what you are looking for is not listed on our website, we can scout for a new location. Anyone looking for a particular location can email the team on info@fidens.co.uk and a dedicated team member will be able to assist. We offer a location scouting service for a daily fee and are happy to source locations UK-wide.


4. What kind of costs are involved when hiring a space with you? Can you give us an idea of the kinds of budgets you have worked with?

On daily a basis we are tasked with finding a variety of locations for different size budgets. We have been able to find locations from as low as £500 per day to as high as £450k for a 12 month hire. With each and every brief we can advise what the likely fee will be and also help negotiate fees to accommodate all size shoots.

5. With each property you hire out, is the property release confirmed on booking so that no royalties are to be paid in future?

Yes, with each property we hire out, we send out a location agreement which grants permission to the Licensee to use the location for their intended purpose. The location agreement is signed by both the owner and Licensee prior to any hire.


6. Can you explain the booking process and what is involved in your service?

Hiring a location through Fidens is straightforward. Once the production company has confirmed that they want to hire a location (and the owner is happy with all the details), we put together a tailored licensee agreement for the shoot. The production company must have a valid public liability insurance and we collect all monies and damage deposit prior to the shoot. Once the shoot is complete (and assuming no damage) we will refund the damage deposit to the production company. In addition to introducing production companies to our locations, our role is to organise and manage hires from start to finish. A dedicated team member will be allocated to each brief and will remain for the duration.

7. Where are your properties located. Are they all around the UK or do you also have international locations too.

We have around 800+ locations in the UK with around 90% of those in London and the South East. The rest of our properties are located all over the UK and we have a few locations in France and the U.S.A.

8. Please can you give us your thoughts on the video industry and use of locations – do you predict an increase in the use of location libraries like yours?

The film, TV and event industries in the UK are growing year on year, fulling a demand for new and exciting venues and locations. Tax breaks in the UK have driven numerous foreign production companies and US studios into the UK for their latest films and TV series. Fidens is a specialist agency with a team who have years of expertise in property and locations. Although other agencies often appear, it is a hard market to provide a consistent and new offering to. Fidens also has a commercial property agency department, which enables us to access existing clients others just don’t have. This has proved vital for Fidens locations department when sourcing properties and adding new properties to our Library.

Contact Fidens – www.fidens.co.uk.