Apple’s iPhone is famous for being able to do a lot of things conveniently and efficiently. As a number of companies are slowly beginning to learn, this includes video production. Bentley, for example, has recently created an ad – 3 minutes and 20 seconds long – filmed and edited entirely on an iPhone and put together on an iPad Air. This raises a number of questions about where video production is headed, and more interestingly, where iPhone 5 video production is headed.

Expensive Cameras

Most Videographers are used to the process of video creation as being a long and often expensive process. Usually requiring large, mounted cameras, audio recording equipment, and a large crew to capture a high quality shot, even when shooting on DSLR’s. iPhone 5 video production, on the other hand, is as simple as using the phone to capture high quality video. The camera on the iPhone 5 is perfectly capable of capturing HD video suitable for online consumption and especially mobile where much of todays media attention is focussed. In Bentley’s ad, the primary tools they used that weren’t Apple tools were a few tripods/rigs and a keyboard attached to the iPad to make working on it easier. The iPhone itself was more than enough to create a remarkably high quality ad, and the iPad was easily able to edit the footage using Apple software.

Additional Equipment

To accommodate the slowly increasing popularity of iPhone 5 video production, a number of products have been released to make filming with a phone much easier. The Glif, for example, is a tripod mount designed for both the iPhone 4 and 5. A Joby gorilla pod is an actual tripod designed to fit the iPhone, and is used frequently by companies that produce videos with Apple products. Even the lens of the iPhone can be adjusted with additional accessories; the OlloClip is a lens enhancer for the iPhone that includes 3 different lenses (fish eye, macro, and wide angle). These products are quite inexpensive to acquire and their performance is of a high standard.

The main rig used on the Bentley ad was the Movi M5 which proved vital in getting the smooth panning shots of the card in motion.

Freefly Movi M5

Freefly Movi M5

Shooting Video

Part of the appeal of using an iPhone 5 to create video is that it is so simple. The app that allows for clean, high definition video shooting is built into the phone itself, and requires nothing more than to be opened up and turned on. Provided that videos are shot with a tripod (unless a shaky video makes sense for its plot) while the camera is faced horizontally, and that ambient sounds are closely monitored (especially when shooting is done outside), it is now possible to create strong videos that the everyday consumer will accept as having a similar quality and appeal as a video shot on any high end video camera. To an experienced camera operator there may be obvious differences between an iPhone shot and a RED shot for example, however most consumers will not be paying that much attention to this.

iPhone Apps for iPhone Videos

As well as being of comparable quality to larger HD cameras, the iPhone has about as much diversity in how it can shoot and capture a moment just right. There are a number of apps available that change the camera settings on the phone. Video Camera+, for example, allows users to set the quality on their shots, and is a good, cheap step up from the camera that’s built in. FilMic Pro is another cheap choice that allows users to adjust the frame rate, flip the image, and choose between several bitrate options. SloPro is another option that can shoot at 60 frames per second (twice as much as the built-in camera) and then suitably slow down the video. These apps are cheap, and go a long way in improving quality in an iPhone 5 video production. Bentley’s ad was edited entirely on the iMovie app.

What does it All Mean?

The market for video production is shifting rapidly as technology advances and provides many more people interested in video the option to create high quality footage on a smaller budget. Today, videos shot in high quality are done with devices that a large number of people already own. There is a stronger “do-it-yourself” attitude to be found in the convenience and relative simplicity of Apple products, and companies are beginning to capitalize on that, because it allows them to offer extremely cheap production costs.

Bentley’s ad is not the first professional video to take advantage of the capacity of iPhone 5 video production, check out an Apple promo for Burberry: and it certainly will not be the last. The convenience and diversity of filming on a device like the iPhone may suggest creating a video such as Bentley’s is now a very simple ad to accomplish, however, there was clearly a very talented crew behind the pre production, filming and post production of this video. No matter how cheap or small technology becomes, there will always be the need for the talent and knowledge of a creative team to pull a shoot like this together. In the case of Bentley’s ad they hired LA based Video agency Reeza and Co.