When you choosing the right camera equipment to invest your hard earned money into, you want to be sure you are purchasing from not only a reputable company, but also from a team of experts who can advise you on the right gear to meet your needs. We caught up with a Video Production retailer who seems to do just that. They are called Prokit.com – here’s what they had to say . . .

1. Can you tell us a little about your company and how you got started?
Mark and Sue started the company in 1989. Originally in Hungerford, we were known as Holmes Marketing & Distribution Limited. As the name suggests we were predominantly a distribution company for professional broadcast lines. The company grew and we then moved to Newbury in Berkshire. Whilst there we opened a dealership, the Production Kit Company, in Power Road Chiswick and then, after a short time, merged the two companies into Prokit Europe still based in Power Road.

Prokit's new office.

Prokit’s new office.

2. What does Prokit offer and who are your customers?
Prokit have one of the UK’s largest professional video production equipment showroom offering an extensive range of cine, broadcast and professional video production tools. We are a Canon Pro Video and Cine Partner and a Sony Specialist, as well as being an agent for other camera manufacturers such as Blackmagic Design and GoPro. We are an importer and distributor of leading brands and other carefully selected products. Over of years our specialist knowledge of camera, lighting and sound equipment has developed to allow us to advise upon and supply a wide range of production kit. Throughout much of our history we have had the pleasure of serving many satisfied customers who include:

• Leading film industry equipment suppliers – these include companies such as Panavision, Panalux, Arri, Take 2 among others.
• Broadcasters – who include the BBC, ITV, ITN, Channel 4, SKY, CBS, Disney, NBC, and many more.
• Production companies – these include Endemol, IMG, Hotcam, Mentorn, October Films, Talkback Thames, Tiger Aspect and many others.
• Rental companies: S & O, Catalyst, Promotion, Onsight, Focus 24, Greenkit, and many more.
• Many thousands of freelance camera, lighting and sound people including BAFTA award winners and ‘Oscar’ nominees.
• Eminent companies and bodies, including Google, The British Film Institute, HM Ministeries, The Economist, Devon & Cornwall Police Authority, The Philharmonia Orchestra, MTV Networks, Eurostar, London Underground, The Natural History Museum and many more.
• Universities and Colleges, including Oxford University
• Social and event videographers.

Our imported video equipment products are also offered through other dealers. We are a proud Patron and active supporter of the British Society of Cinematographers.

Prokit's spacious showroom.

Prokit’s spacious showroom.

3. What are the most popular cameras you are shipping right now?
Large sensor cameras with interchangeable lenses are definitely the trend at the moment, so these include the Canon C100, C300, Sony PXW-FS5 and PXW-FS7.

4. What are your predictions for camera equipment in 2016 / 2017 do you see any trends forming?

4K – Will become more affordable and easier to work with as flash memory prices decrease and computer processing power increases. Traditional broadcasters will be slow to adopt the resolution, but web delivery will push the change.

Drones – We’ll see more legislations, similar no fly zones and licensing adopted by the FAA in the U.S.A

Glass – 35mm lenses will become more affordable and diverse. Including servo zoom ranges. The trend for vintage glass will continue. There’s a big buzz around anamorphics again, so quite looking forward to seeing what develops there.

General – We’ll see more disruptive ‘manufacturers’. Companies like RED Digital Cinema and Litepanels coming in and challenging existing organisations, forcing them to up their game. Some will do well, others will fail. Ones to watch: Hanse-Inno-Tech with their Celere lenses, BB&S Lighting with Remote Phosphor lighting, Kinefinity with camera tech…

HDR – We’ll see developments of in camera HDR at NAB. This time next year there’ll be talk of 20+ stops of dynamic range.

5. You have one of the largest showrooms in the UK. Do you still find people like to visit even though online sales must be on the increase?
Although online sales are increasing many customers still like to talk to one of our in-house experts face-to-face to make sure they get the kit that it right for them. We find it is also very important to test the equipment before purchase so our customers walk away 100% happy!

6. Everyday we hear about new cameras and equipment and buying new equipment is a huge investment. How do you ensure your team stay up to date and informed so that you can help customers make the right choice for them?
We attend all the major broadcast shows (NAB, BVE, IBC, BSC) and read all the major magazines and blogs. We will always test new equipment before we commit to buy, so our customers can be confidant that all their gear from Prokit is of a high standard.

To find out more or to speak to a member of the Prokit team visit they’re website here : https://www.prokit.com