We asked Toby Pocock, from Skyvantage, 5 questions about the use of UAVs in the Future and what they have been shooting with them. Toby has over 20 years commercial experience in Marketing, Design, Social/Digital Media, Photography & Film. He is a qualified BNUC-S, UAV Pilot and set up Skyvantage in 2012.

1. Do you think laws on UAVs will become tighter or more restrictive as we see more and more people having access to them?

Yes without doubt. Do not believe the hype that drone use and Amazon deliveries will be everywhere soon. It is already highly regulated and it will only get more so. And actually this is a good thing to protect the industry and responsible licensed drone operators.

2. Do you think the market is becoming saturated with ‘do it your self’ pilots and individuals?

It is certainly getting a lot busier. There will always be new pilots wanting to get decent clients and may be prepared to do jobs for free. We have found lots of production companies who have tried to “do it themselves” but this usually has ended in crashing or getting poor quality footage. Like with most this I think you get what you pay for!

3. What is the most popular subject matter you are shooting with UAVs for your clients?

Probably real estate but we have a wide range of stuff we shoot. We have done lots of car shoot and solar farms too but the work is very varied.

4. Do you shoot everything in 4k and scale it down if your client only wants 1080p?

Usually we shoot in 1080 but shooting in 4k does give us to ability to cut into a frame or zoom so we do shoot mostly in 4k.

5. What is the most exciting thing you have shot using your UAVs.

Probably a shoot for Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 with Lewis and Nico and 500 technicians. Pressure! However I love nothing more than to shoot out in the countryside – those jobs are more relaxed and far more enjoyable.

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