The last month has seen a flurry of announcements from video production manufacturers and service providers. Here are some of the top stories that you might have missed:

1) Reviews of the new Sony A7R II have flooded in

Sony’s new flagship CSC is upgraded from the original A7R in almost every respect. In many ways the camera is now more capable at shooting video than DSLR cameras from Canon and Nikon. As such, it makes for an interesting new option for video production professionals. The A7R II also incorporates mobile phone-style BSI sensors, a world first that points to an exciting, high-resolution future. We hope to have a review here soon.

2) YouTube and Spotify swap clothes

YouTube has made headlines by launching MusicKey, its new music streaming service. At the same time, Spotify has started adding video to its music streaming platform. Whether the established giant or its upstart rival comes out on top as the world’s premier video streaming service will be of great interest to online video providers.

3) Canon announces the ultra-high definition ME20F-SH

With an ISO equivalent of more than 4,000,000, the new Canon ME20F-SH is a flexible choice for film and television producers. The camera is capable of shooting in conditions where there is very little light. This makes it an intriguing choice for documentary and reality television makers who need to film in the dark.

4) Samsung seeks to popularise its Gear VR headset with new film

In order to persuade a sceptical public of the merits of virtual reality, Samsung has teamed up with the creator of The Walking Dead’s production company to make Gone, an immersive 3D spectacular that takes traditional film making into a third dimension. The film will be designed to take account of the fact that the viewer can view it from any angle.

5) Sena release an audio equipped camera for motorcycles

Filming on motorcycles can be a tricky business. The new Prism action camera from Sena helps by allowing the rider to record synchronised audio while the motorcycle is in motion. This allows the rider to record commentary while they are on the bike, making it a perfect device for motorcycle reviews, stunt riding and travelogue documentaries.